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I had a call recently questioning the nomenclature for the 38acp "Colt's Automatic Pistol". When the 1902 military debuted there became a reason to distinguish the "sporting" model from the military model. Current accepted nomenclature (by me anyhow) refers to the 1900 as all those pistols serial approximately #1 to #4274 with the sight safety or sight safety altered which has the filler behind the rear sight on the top of the slide. The 1902 Sporting designation then starts at approximately #4273 and includes the clean up run in the #30xxx serial range. That makes production of the 1900 at about 4273 and the 1902 Sporting at 6900, even though some may refer to these all as the Colt Automatic Pistol 38acp . There is also a GB auction 354550779 for a "1902 Sporting" with the sight safety altered serial 39xx. I would call this a model 1900.
Your thoughts on the
1.) Model "Colt Automatic Pistol" being inclusive of the "Sporting"
2.) "Sporting" model starting after the sight safety slides were used up from #4273 to 30,xxx.
3.) Sporting model including the factory sight safety altered as in the GB auction.
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