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Colt 1908 .380 Grips

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My Dad has a 1908 with a 53xxx S/N. He has tasked me to find some grips for it. After making my eyes dry from internet searching, I've came here to ask the "professionals" :). Anyone have any ideas where I can go to find some? I've scowered gunbroker and the like, but can't find any grips for the correct period it was made. Thanks in advance.
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Just so you know...

Colt called them 'Scales' when on the Automatics, otherwise, on Revolvers, they are called 'Stocks'.

The 'Grip' is that part of the Frame upon which the Scales or Stocks are mounted.

Indeed, there were different Scales for different periods of the .380, and, I do not have my Books handy just now to co-relate which ones would be right for your Serial Number range.

Yours would be about 1921 I believe.

Or, as per -

But, 'Gunbroker' or e-bay are both good places to look.

Trouble is, a lot of other people are looking also, so, decent period Scales for these Pistols tend to get expensive.

Gunshows of course are another source, where, with patience and luck and or a good Bank, one can prevail also.

You might try putting a 'Wanted' Post in the want to buy section of the forum here, in case some of the members may have an extra set.
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Try Jim Shaffer around noon (Pgh) 412 672 6830
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