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Colt 1911 in 9mm

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Is there something wrong with this gun? The trigger and hammer look odd. From all the 70 series 9mm I have seen none have had the commander hammer. However, I am not very knowledgeable on these so any help would be great. Sorry but this is the only pic I have at the time.

Thanks all.

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The original trigger has been replaced with an aftermarket adjustable trigger and the original hammer has been replaced with a Commander hammer.
not just the trigger and hammer, the grip safety too. they are all replaced parts.
Looks like the grip safety was changed as well in order to accomodate the rowel hammer.
Thanks for the quick response guys. This looks like one to stay away from.

Thanks again.
Depends on the overall condition and price. None of the original parts noted are overly difficult to find.

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If the price is right and you prefer sub caliber devices (just kidding if 9MM works for you so be it) I think the modifications may make it a more effective carry piece. If not you can always swap them out in about 15 minutes.
I agree with Mike; if the price is right, get it. I don't think these minor parts changes will have any impact on the capability of the gun to fire a cartridge. If you're looking for a pristine Series 70 gun for collector value, then this is not it (although it wouldn't take a whole lot to put it back into original condition).
I agree with mike and safearm. It wouldn't take much to return it to original condition.
Its $1200 with no original box and paperwork.
They're just parts.

The Government Model has long had a cottage industry built around bolt-on parts - supplying all those who want to somehow 'customize' their piece, and this is but one of thousands of examples..

Original parts are beyond easy to find, and take minutes to install.

However - that price is for a boxed, papered, un-screwed-with Colt, and not one that's been altered from factory stock.
Agree with df6. Don't overpay for something you are going to have to put more money into to put it back to stock. Just my opinion, but I see the aftermarket pieces as a deduction.
Its $1200 with no original box and paperwork.
CK I hope you are at Tulsa in November with deep pockets cause have I got a deal for you.
I would think worth $675 to $750 is a fair price just because it is a mostly original 70 Series in the somewhat rare 9mm.
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