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Colt 1917 original grips needed

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I recently bought a decent Colt 1917 revolver, but it came with plastic grips. I need an original set of smooth wood grips to restore it to its former glory. Anybody here got a set for sale or trade, or know anybody who has a set for sale?
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There is a dealer here in Florida that specializes in martial arms and hits the local gunshow circuit. He had a box of Original grips for the S&W as well as Colt 1917's and Victory Models. He even had an original US marked holster for my Colt Model 1892 design Service Revolver model of 1901. It was expensive however.

His card is not in my wallet and I will be gone a few days but I will try to post the information.

Keep your weapon handy, live free and prosper. :)
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