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Shown before but I think it belongs here-----

Preoccupied with my early pre-1800 pieces, I still wanted a Dragoon, never really expecting to get one. Maybe 1978 at Baltimore gun show, I was walking around with two early 1700s big German flint pistols I wanted to sell for $1000 each. A dealer I knew offered $900 --- Thinking about it as I wandered, I saw this 2nd Dragoon. Seller wanted $1800 for it which was about the going price at the time. But this one was different in that it had 'scene', worn but almost all there, with the etched USMR visible. Lore had it that 2nd Dragoons, as Dragoons go, were the ones that received hardest use and very scarce with any kind of condition. I figured now or never.

I told the seller of my pending sale of the flint pistols. He decided to take the pistols in trade. They were similar but not a pair & I had restored them from fightful condition, had maybe $400 in the pair plus my work.

At home, careful inspection my Dragoon showed a very good bore and no indicaion of bubba attention. Since then I have only seen one other well-used, no-finish 2nd Dragoon as good as it is.

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