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Colt .32 Auto

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Cam upon a decent .32 Colt auto (1903, 3rd model, I think) with about 85 % original blue, a few blemishes and 3 small pits here and there. Original black colt grips in VG condition, good bore. Two-tone magazine. Not quite collector quality, but all original and a nice shooter, or desk gun.

I can buy from an individual with no paper.
Is it worth $300?
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I have 2 of the m1903s, one in nickle and a blue one. Here in NW Florida, unless you come across a real find, $300 isn't bad. I have my eyes on a third one for $285 and I consider that one reasonable. Without paper(I assume you don't mean factory papers) can only add to YOUR value. I havn't shot the nickle one yet but the blue functions great on cheap ammo and is very accurate, considering it has such a short bbl. good luck...yashua
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