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What should I look for (bad things) when
inspecting a Python prior to purchasing?

Anything specific to Pythons or just the usual things you look for in all revolvers.

Are there any problems that seem to be experienced with "most" Pythons? Timing,

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Check for 'dinked up' screws, and battered cylinder notches. Check for cylinder end play, and side play of the cylinder crane assembly. Check for bent ejector rods.

To check Colt timing:
Watch the bolt in the bottom of the frame window, as you SLOWLY cock the hammer.
The bolt MUST start to drop the INSTANT the hammer starts back, and MUST be completely clear of the cylinder notch BEFORE the cylinder starts to rotate.

The bolt must drop back with a clean "click" without being 'mushy'. It MUST drop onto the leed or ramp in front of the actual cylinder notch, and MUST drop into the MIDDLE 1/3rd section of the leed.

The bolt MUST drop into the actual lock notch BEFORE the hammer reachs full cock.

The most common Colt mis-time situation is the hammer cocks before the bolt drops into the lock notch. (Hammer is cocked, but cylinder isn't locked).

In my experience, most Colt's leave the factory with the bolt hitting a little late into the leed, but usually wear in to correct timing. If the bolt drops onto the cylinder early, no real problem but a little extra finish wear.
If the bolt drops late (closer to the lock notch) the cylinder may "throw by" or rotate TOO far in double action.
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