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Colt 3rd model dragoon
model c-1770
serial # 237xx
NIB (wood print cardboard) with papers
Purchased in 1977
Is this a colt mfg. or import ?
Is it worth more than the $450.00 I paid for it ?

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The 1970's Colt black powder series were raw parts bought from Uberti, but finished here in the US.

I've heard two stories about WHO assembled them, one is they were done in the Colt plant, the other has it done by another gun company FOR Colt.

The later black powder guns as sold in the 1990's were Uberti parts assembled and finished by the John Jovino company in New York under license to Colt.

Since these guns are Colt marked, were either produced by Colt or under license from Colt, and had serial numbers that were continuations of the original number series, they are considered to be Colt revolvers.

$450. for a NIB 70's-80's model is an excellent price.
These usually bring prices at least $100. more on the gun auctions, and often more than that.
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