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The reference to Colt refurbishing SAA revolvers applies only to U.S. guns originally issued to Cavalry units. It does not apply to your revolver, which is a civilian or commercial Colt. A genuine Cavalry Colt would have the letters "U.S." stamped to the right of the patent date info on the left side of the frame. If yours was originally a Cavalry gun, in addition to the U.S., there would be inspector's initials stamped in various places on the gun. That being said, you have a cylinder from a Cavalry gun, as evidenced by Henry Nettleton's initials (as ordnance sub-inspector). Nettleton was the sub-inspector in 1878. You might look carefully on the side of the cylinder, to the rear of the flutes, and see if there is a four digit number there. That would be the last four numbers of the serial number of the gun from which the cylinder was taken.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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