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I'm looking at either one for my next purchase but can't seem to find much info. Can some of you out there clear up some questions?

1. Was the Detective Special ever made in an alloy? I ran across one that was a 4th generation, from the Colt Custom shop that "felt" lighter.
2. Besides being an alloy what are the differences?
3. What were the years of mfg for the Agent.
4. Any comments regarding one over the other?
5. Will both handle todays hot +p+ loads?
6. Does anyone have the mfg specs for both?

And to muddy the water some - What about the Cobra? As you might guess I'm looking for a good snubby for carry.

Thanks - Chuck

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Here are some old catalog pictures from the late 1960's which may make the differences more clear.

1. To the best of my knowledge, the Detective Special has only been offered in steel, but a mismarked revolver is possible.
As the result of a casual conversation with a former employee of Colt, I believe that at one time the factory may hae considered offering a D.S. in alloy, but I have never seen one.

2. At least into the early '70's, the frame of the Agent was shorter than that of the Cobra and Detective Special. I'm not sure whe the change to a uniform frame size happened.

3. Agent dates of production 1962 or 1963 through 1979. May have been obtainable later from inventory.

4. Personally, I prefer the D.S. It is considerably easier for me to shoot well. Then again, I'm not a fan of very light weight firearms in general, so take this into account.

5. Please don't feed these revolvers +P+ ammunition. They are not constructed to withstand this.

6. Specs are given in the above pics.

BTW, The Cobra and D.S. are rather uncommon in 32 Colt New Police (32 S&W Long with a different form of bullet). For applications other than self defense, these revolvers merit your consideration.


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The magazine slicks are nice, thanks
. I'm slowly gathering info from assorted sources. One thing that is "interesting?" is the alloy comment you made about the DS. I was looking at a friend's gun "Blue Book" this weekend and noticed the description about the 4th issue of the DS. It was described as alloy and 21oz. I saw one at a gun show recently that was nickel, bobbed hammer, honed action & tritium insert in the front site (I saw this description as a varient that was offered with the 4th issue). This one also felt lighter - it didn't feel 21oz. Maybe it was heavier because at the time I didn't realy know what I was looking at or what to look for. I suspect that I let something get away that I will come to regret more and more

Anyway thanks for the help - the search continues. I'll post if I find / decide on one.

-- Chuck

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