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Is there any feedback on the Colt 9mm All American First Addition Model 2000. Anything good / bad / the way of accuracy, smoothness, durability....??? Thanks, PS. This is a great forum, none of you have laughed at any of my simple questions, and I have learned alot from other questions and responses...Thanks for a great forum...

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Someone asked the same general question on another forum, so if that was you, I apologies for giving you the same info again:

The Colt All American 2000 was a major disaster for Colt, and was a contributor to their bankruptcy.

Colt bought or leased the design from the Knight company.
It was to be their 9mm high-capacity entry into the Police market, and was hyped to the max.

The basic idea was good: An aluminum or plastic framed high-capacity auto with a sliding trigger, a rotating barrel lock system, and a simple design.

Where things fell apart was in the execution.
Colt had MAJOR problems with the All American in the accuracy and reliability areas.
Colt attempted to fix the problems but was unable to do so.

Finally, Colt just gave it up as a lost cause, returned the equipment and the plans to Knight, and dumped the remaining guns onto the gun market.

At one point, major distributors were selling the All American for less than $200.00.

Not unusually, the All American, in New in the box condition has some collector interest, due to the low production and short time it was made.

As I recall, the First Edition model was the only one made with an aluminum frame.
Production was fairly low on this model, so a NIB model might be a good buy as a collectible.

While not all All American 2000's were defective, a high enough percentage of them were, to pretty well rule out buying one as a shooter.
Chances of getting a good one are not high.
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