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COLT AMERICAN 2000...1 OF 3000

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found another colt i'm interested in, it's an
it is a 9MM, ser.# RKO 1298. it's in the original plastic colt case and has been fired. the gun is in excellent shape.
i was told they don't make them any more.
what would be their value??

jimmy b
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Ah yes, the Colt "All American". The first editions (FE) were aluminum framed with wooden stocks, the standard model was polymer framed. Yes, 3000 FEs were made, I have #70 NIB. I bought mine simply because it was a curiosity; the asking prices seem to run between ~$700 - $800 but I'm not sure if they get many takers. I've seen NOS standard models with asking prices of ~$400. They came out in the early '90s, the action was based on the M16 rotating bolt mechanism and the slides had removable end pieces to allow the user to change from full size to "Commander" barrel length easily. They were designed by Reed Knight (hence the "RK" s/n prefix for FEs) and were pretty much a flop for Colt.

Buy it for yourself, I wouldn't buy one for investmest value (although you never know: doesn't this sound like the Dardick pistol? Try and pick one of those up for <$1000, if you can find one).
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you might be right...what the hell, it doesn't eat enything.

jimmy b
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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