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Colt anaconda

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I have a question concerning the Colt Anaconda revolvers. Here in Europe I have a chance to buy an Anaconda for 250dollar. I inspected the gun and everything looks fine but the trigger was a bit loose. Apart from that minor problem the revolver was in a very good state. Also the piece of metal that you have to push to get the empty cartridges out (dont know the exact name in english :D), was bent very very slightly but you can still use it without any problems at all. The seller told me that he shot 100 rounds with the gun but he bought it second hand from someone else 14 years ago. After browsing on the internet I saw that the Anaconda used to have some problems and my local gun dealer even told me that he would never pay more than 200 dollar for a colt anaconda. He said that they were only decent starting from 1995. Before that, according to him, there were nothing but troubles with the revolver. Even for anacondas made after 1995 he was not interested at all. Do you think that 250 dollar is an okay price? When i checked gunbroker i was somewhat confused to see that prices in america are way higher (1000 dollar was no exception). Is it true that the gun will have problems if it is manufactured before 1995? Do you think that the trigger (that is a bit loose) will pose a problem? After google-ing the anaconda i read a story of an owner who's revolver exploded but i think it was because he accidentally double loaded the cartridges. Can this happen with normal factory loaded bullets? Thank you in advance for the reply. Grtz
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I'd buy all I could at $200.00 !! I have several and for $200.00 I'd sell ya the grips !!!
I second this. I did a little dance when I got mine for $899. The Anaconda is a fine revolver and I would buy another (of any year) in a heartbeat.
I believe the trigger problems were why the gun was not shipped for a year or 2 after it was announced in 1990. I'd buy it and send it to Colt if it bothers you. I have no idea what is involved in doing that from Europe though.
Ok, thanks for the information!
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