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Hi everyone I am a new member today, and need more information on my colt army 38 special.
the ser. number is 525120 L . it is about 95 % condition. I cant find info on the L after the ser. #. the ser. # is on the frame in front of the trigger guard. on the barrel it says colt army 38
Is my gun a gen.1 or gen 2. the number says it is a 1926.
on the top of the barrel is stamped colt pt
Hartford ct USA
pat'd aug 5 1884 june 5 1900 july 4 1905
can anyone give me more info about the rareity etc , history..
I will see if I can post pics.


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Hello Neil, welcome to the Colt Forum. You will likely get more attention to your query by posting in the revolver section here: Colt Revolvers

Colt's serial number look-up shows an Army Special dating to 1926. You can call Colt's with your serial number for a confirmation of the date: Tel: 800-962-COLT (2658) * Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm EST
The letter may be an inspector's mark. Nice to have you here.
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