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Re: Colt Boa\'s

The Colt Boa is an entirely different gun than the Python.

The Boa is a delux version of the Colt Trooper Mark V, as made for Lew Horton Distributing.

Horton has long been a seller of special, limited production guns, custom made exclusively for them.

The Boa is essentially a Trooper Mark V with a Python barrel, a Python-grade blue job, and marked as the Boa.

After the Boa, Colt followed a common practice, which was to introduce their own factory version of a limited custom gun.

In Colt's case, their version was the King Cobra.
Basically, the King Cobra is just the Trooper Mark V, with a lugged and ribbed barrel.

As a firearms first, Colt introduced the King Cobra in stainless steel first, then brought out a blued version later.

As is common, the Lew Horton Boa was a very limited run, and is now much sought after by collectors.

The Horton Boa was a run of 1200 guns with both 4" and 6" barrels. It was issued by Horton in 1985.

On the rare occasion a Boa shows up for sale, prices are steep.
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