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In `61, I joined the Border Patrol and was assigned to Presidio, TX. My issue gun was assigned to me when I was sworn in at Marfa, TX. It was marked as a Colt Border Patrol with a heavy "bull barrel". I can't recall where the "Border Patrol" marking was located. It was either on the barrel or backstrap.

At 25 yards, it shot 3" to the left and as soon as I could, I bought a Python and turned in the issued gun.

Qualifying with the issue gun was a chore. I had to remember to use Kentucky windage at all distances greater than 7 yards. In order to qualify, it was necessary to use the issue gun and after qualifying with it, you could re-qualify with a personal gun. Going from the issue gun to the Python was like getting out of a Chevy and getting into a Rolls-Royce.

By the way, Bill Jordon told me the Python was a good gun but I should have bought a Smith,


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