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Colt Box After Factory Work?

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I have a 1976 Peacemaker Buntline that was reblued & recased by Colt to factory specifications in 1990. When it was returned, it was sent back to me in one of their 1986 anniversary pattern “Heritage of Colt Craftsmanship” boxes. Since the paperwork documents the date of that work, should I worry about hunting up a box from 1976?
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When this was re-done after 14 years, C&WAS wasn't a 'thing' and the deification of the SAA wasn't on the horizon - Colt, at that time, would re-do most of what you wanted.

Today, times have changed - the company sold - workers retired - the company sold again - more workers retired, and so on and so forth.

The company just doesn't have the time or available talent they once had, so they refrain from the refinish work unless it falls under Warranty, and they usually farm that out.
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