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Colt Buntline .22 Cal

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I see this gun available, but not being a revolver guy I am cautious about making an offer. Can any of you guys give me an idea of its value?

Photos are captured from his ad, which says he is the original owner, bought it about 30 years ago. Says it has a 7 1/2" barrel.


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Price seems too high. Check completed auctions on GB. It had better be face-to-face if it's ARMSLIST. I think Buntlines are cool, but the demand is not all that great. Probably a bit much for many people. It seems like Colt guys are generally indifferent to them. Also, the adjustable sights feature is less sought-after. Most (me) prefer the Peacemaker. I think you can do better.
iwanna, thanks for the input. I'm not much of a .22 kind of guy, no matter what platform it comes on, but I thought if I could snatch it up at a good price it might be worth adding to the safe.
It is a Colt New Frontier .22 Buntline. From the photos, it appears to be a "full blue" gun which would make it one of the GS series New Frontier .22s built in the 1980's. The GS series revolvers has a safety button (called a "cross bolt safety") under the loading gate. I can't see the safety button in the photos, but these were the only New Frontier .22 revolvers finished in full blue, so I feel confidant that it is.
If this gun were new in the original box with all the papers and unfired, the value would be $500 to $600. Without box and papers and at less than 100% condition, it's a $350 to $450 gun. The GS revolvers generally don't command the prices of the New Frontier .22s built in the 1970's and certainly not that of the Peacemaker .22 revolvers.
Having said that, the GS revolvers are interesting because of the cross bolt safety and the two different finishes the gun was offered in.

- - - Buckspen
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