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About 8 months ago, a buddy gave me a box of parts from a stainless Colt Officers Model. The parts consisted of a complete slide and most of the interior parts from the frame/receiver. The frame and a few parts were missing.

He gave them to me in order to bug me about my then recent purchase of a Para Ordnance Carry 12. He claimed that I'd need them to keep the P-O running. He was wrong. The P-O has worked fine with only one FTF when my son-in-law was shooting it.

I decided to build a 1911 with the parts. I ordered a Caspian slide and when it arrived I realized that I had no idea where to start and had bitten off more than I could chew. I contacted a retired armorer/gunsmith from my old department and asked him to build me an Officers Model. He agreed but warned me that there would be a delay. I gave him the box of parts and the frame in July.

Last Wednesday I got it back. He did an excellent job. I've shown it to my gun nut buddies and all were impressed by the work.

Today, I took it to the range. The first shot was an "X". The next three were in the 10 ring and the final shot was in the 9 ring. I was using a 3" bullseye target at 15 yards. The last 10 rounds, of the 100 rounds I shot, were all in the "X" or 10 ring.

The ammunition was my reloads: A 200 grain Meister lead SWC over a light charge of AA#2. Even my lightest load cycled the slide which surprised me since they won't function properly in my Glock 30.

I tried a few types of factory ammo and all types, JHP, FMJ, etc, functioned with no problem.

The little half-breed mixture of Colt and Caspian is a shooter. This is the first 1911 I've ever owned although I've shot a bunch of them. (I don't consider my two P-O LDA's as true 1911's)

As you can guess, I had a good day at the range,

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