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Hello, I have seen two Colt competition rifles in stores this week and one had forward assist and removable trigger guard. The other one didn't. Are they just revisions and is one any better over the other? I like the first due to it is the most like the standard mil spec AR. Any insight why the differences?
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I'm guessing that you were looking at the "CSR" model w/o the forward assist. Although I cannot speak to that particular model, I purchased a CRX -16 about a month ago and can't say enough good things about it. I replaced the factory six pound match trigger, which was a very good by the way, with a Timney three pound modular trigger. After some experimenting with reloads I have been been able to shoot cloverleaf groups at a hundred yards from the bench. The rifle is very well made with tight tolerances. I talked with the folks at Bold Ideas Of Texas a couple of times before my purchase and they were both friendly and helpful.

As a afterthought, I might mention that a JP Enterprise reduced trigger spring kit will bring the pull down to four pounds on the Colt Competition six pound trigger.
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