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Hi gang;

Would anyone have, or know where I might get a sideplate for my Cobra Colt?

It was owned by the Hamilton Police Department many years ago and it says so right on the sideplate. I think it was engraved with a rock and a nail.

Any help would most certainly be appreciated. Thank you.


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There are used side plates available, but they won't fit correctly.
Colt Revolver side plates were individually hand fitted at the factory by a Master fitter, then bolted on the frame and polished with it as one piece.

This means that a used side plate won't fit the frame without gaps, and since it wasn't hand polished with that frame, it'll be higher or lower than the surrounding frame with a noticeable "step" up or down.

In short, unless a replacement side plate is fitted at the factory it'll look like just what it is: A cobbled together mis-fit botch job with gaps. Colt no longer has any side plates so they can't fit a new one.

If you just can't live with it, you might contact a top professional refinishing service and talk to them about possibly being about to polish the marks out and re-anodize the plate.
Often these scratched in marks can be polished out and the plate refinished. This will often leave the plate with at least some dishing-out in that area, but that may be less noticeable then the scratches, and not as botched up as a mis-fitting side plate.

One good service to talk to is Ford's. They're top level re-finishers who do quality metal polishing and do aluminum anodizing.
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