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Colt Collector's Ass'n 38 WCF

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This is one of my favorite 3rd Gen SAA's. It came with wood grips and I put ivories on it. The finish is a high polish blue and the case color has an iridescence to it.

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Just as a follow-on, how often does the Colt Collector's Ass'n have such 'runs of guns' made up for them by Colt? If they have to pay for them up front and hope to sell all/most of them to make a profit, that could be a big risk. Just from working the action and looking at my gun, I can tell that it must have been processed through the Custom Shop. That probably adds to its cost to the CCA.
Comments from members?
I can't answer your follow up question, but will say that is one beautiful sixgun, also in one of my favorite calibers too. I really like the caliber marking on the barrel. Thanks for sharing.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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