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Colt Combat Target Model?

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I've always heard of Combat Government untill I was surfing the pawn shops and ran across a Combat Target Model series 80...had alot of custom goodies and a good I scooped it up and I'm glad I leaves Jagged holes at 30 yards with most ammo...I called Colt and inquired about it to get more insight and found "colt rep telling me this now" it was made in 1995 and is a complete Custom shop made pistol...only made for 1 year..and under 250 ever made...what I want to know is this true..did I get that Lucky or is the Colt rep wrong?
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The Colt rep was dead wrong. The "combat target model" was a cheap knock off made by Chinese blacksmiths working in a Phillipino sweat shop located in Mexico and run by Martha Stewart. Send that peice of junk to me pronto and I will dispose of it for you!

Seriously, according to the Blue Book, the Combat Target Model was made in 1997. In 100% condition it is listed at $615 blued, $745 for stainless.
The Combat Target Model is listed in the 1996 Colt catalog and looks basically like a Gold Cup but in matte black finish. I have one too and it's a slick little piece. They aren't often encountered but they aren't rare either, certainly not to the extent you were told (I wish it were so though). I highly doubt it was a Custom Shop piece either (the catalog lists it in the main section, not the Custom Shop section in the back). Its production run was probably only a year or two. Someone with an authoritative reference, like a Fjestadt's or something can probably provide more information.

It's basically a M1991A1 .45ACP contemporary to '96 but with the flat top slide, Accro sights, wide, cut-out trigger (w/o adjustable stop), "enhanced" frame details, beavertail-style grip safety, "cut-out" hammer, flat mainspring housing and wrap around stocks. There may be other details that I can't think of right now too.

Pardon the ramble but if it's what I think it is, you got yourself a very nice gun but probably not a treasure. Enjoy it!!!

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well....none of my books have it in them...mainly cause they are old...and Stan...why would I want to get rid of a pistol that has yet to Jam (in 2750 rounds) and leaves jagged holes at 30yrds...I don't think so...think I'll keep the so called piece of junk...

I kinda figured she was telling me something it all just sounded to good to be true...this one has neither a matte type finished or enhanced ... but I'm pretty glad to hear that it's not worth much to tell the I can add all my custom goodies and not butcher a "classic" so to speak!

Thanks Blokey
Yoda, you sure I can't convince you to send me that 1911? Why, I'll be generous and even pay for the shipping!

The Fjestadt's Blue Book is not the authoritative answer, that is where I got the 1997 date. Colt has made so many special runs, especially during the 1990's, that it is almost impossible to keep track of them. Some of their special runs were nothing more than an effort to clean out their stock of spare parts.

Seriously Yoda, you have a fine handgun, enjoy it and shoot well.
See less See more that i've found that the Colt rep was BS (I thought it was BS when she said it) think I'm going to make a complete custom out of the frame and dump the slide...probably go with a commander slide and cut down a Les Baer barrel or something to that effect...I've rebuilt many Argentine Colts just cause I can get them cheap and it's actually a good frame and slide to start with..just add a better barrel and bushing...machine parts of the frame and it's good to telling how many I have that I've picked up over the years...had a pawn shop that had a sweet deal on them once..I bought all the 7 he had in stock and went back the next week and bought 5 more...bottom line..if you know what your doing you can save money and have an awesome performing don't have to buy a $1000 National Match...matter of fact I'd rather buy a base model and customize it to my hand!
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I don't know about converting it to a Commander. I tried this once and found that the Commander slide could not travel far enough on a Government model frame to get reliable ejection and feeding. I ended up cutting the abutment for the recoil spring guide rod and the frame rail back 0.100", just like on real Commander frames.

It sounds like you have an excellent shooter as is, why not leave good enough alone?
I may...I never know what I'm gonna do untill I've already done it...may just buy a commander I've been wanting one...Buddy of mine has one and I changed slides one time just to see when I got the idea in my head...I didn't see a problem...ejected fine...loaded hang ups at all...most be a difference somewhere between a Gov model and this Combat Target...not sure where or what though!
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