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Hello all,

I do not have pics at this time. Camera issues :mad:. So we'll see how good my written communication skills are :cool:. I have two used, complete, Colt D Frame Service Hammer Assy's laying flat in front of me. One Hammer (( A )) has a 'rounded' cut out directly below the Firing Pin & above the Hammer Strut. The other Hammer (( B )) has what I can only describe as a 'double' cut out, or oval cut directly below the Firing Pin & above the Hammer Strut, much closer to the Firing Pin than Hammer A. I have suspicion that hammer A is New Model & hammer B is Old Model. After thirty years, I just can't recall. What exactly do we have here??? I will attach pics shortly.

Much thanks in advance for your time! coltjr
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