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As I have a Cobra with a red sight insert and Zebra stocks, understand, I am just trying to get a real good handle on this, it has been addressed a number of times with bits and pcs of information with very little in the way actual provenance. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to determine the who and when these guns were made and still only have bits and pcs but they come from some pretty good sources.

Most all I have seen have an M Serial Number prefix and suffix establishing a mid 70's production time. The Colt Historian has helped and while 40 years is a long time, she said the Zebra wood grips are "not Colt production". The red insert "does not look like factory production" "done on the outside". Box stickers "does not recognize them as factory stickers". Said, modifications to guns would have been noted on the "work order" and records and that would have been noted on Colt Letters. Two Lettered guns one with Zebra Grips and both with red sights, Lettered as regular production with nothing special noted in the Letter. Both guns shipped to John Jovino Co.

Cherry's was said to have advertised these guns in the Shotgun news in the 70's. Puzzling is, Kevin Cherry has no memory of Cherry's selling ordering these guns from Colt or selling them. He has been full time since 1972.

If someone has an old Shotgun news ad showing Cherry's selling these guns please post a copy and I can the ask Kevin.

Jovino's was a full gunsmith shop back then, selling factory guns and some they modified.

If someone has a Colt Letter showing one of the mid 70's guns, and indicating Red Sight Insert Zebra Stocks on the Letter not on the box, please post it and I will ask the Colt Archives to comment. If someone can post a Shotgun news ad showing one of these guns it could help. If someone remembers another distributor or knows anyone from the time period at Jovino's that would help.

Until then it still is anyone's guess but the facts point to these guns as A. Not Colt Production Guns B. Modified by someone other than Colt (Jovino's?).
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