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Colt Diamondback questions..

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Now that I finally got a Python next on my list is a Diamondback (.22). What are the basics to know? Is it the same with the Diamondbacks as it is with the Pythons, the earlier ones are more desireable? I have seen Royal Blue, Stainless, and Nickle but which one will hold its value better and in what barrel length? I personally am not partial to length or finish but am more interested in collector value. Any help will be great!
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The earlier DB's are more desireable and command higher prices. The 2 1/2" barrels are more desirable than the 4" and the 6" is less desireable. A boxed and mint early 2 1/2" will run you $2500 and a 4" will run you $1800. These are yesterday's prices. Prices are going up with every auction.

Good luck in your search.
Have to agree with Addicted. Prices on these are nuts. We just sold a New In Box 6" nickel .22 that was made in 1985 and it sold on auction about a month and a half ago for $2507, no, that's not a misprint. Not to say you can't find one NIB for less, it's just anyone's guess right now. If yu can find adeal on one, grab it. Just my opinion, good luck in your quest, Shoo
which one will hold its value better

[/ QUOTE ]

They will all hold their value. Even the most common blue 4" .38SP is a sound investment.
Which DB in 4" stainless or nickle would be more rare? Would anyone have the serial number ranges of the DB's. If I am reading correctly would the 6" blue be the most common with a 4" blue in second place and the 2-1/2 the most rare?
dont think the d/b was ever made in stainless, the 4in. blued .38 is the most common. a few guns were made in satin nickle which is sometimes confused with s/s. perhaps d/b 68 will help you out on this as he is resident expert on them. any d/b is good investment as they arent going to be made again and prices can only go up.try to locate a gun with correct stocks as they are hard to locate in nice condition and pricey. good luck with the hunt /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif
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First off, clubster, put stainless out of your mind, they never made a DB in stainless, only blue and nickel.
The rarest of the 4" nickels would be in .22LR caliber.
The serial number ranges are to vast to be posted here, but the prefix letters started with D in 1966, then N in 1976, R in 1977, S in 1979, P in 1981 and ended with AA and AB in 1985.
The most rare is the 2 1/2" nickel .22LR, one recently sold for over $4500 and is the only one most of us has ever seem. In .22LR blue 4" is most common followed by 6" then 2 1/2".
I have a lead on a 4" nickle, 4", and 6" blued in mint condition with no box. What should these go for roughly and can boxes be located for these or should I hold out for ones with a box?
Assuming you are talking about .22, the 4" nickel could run you $1200-1400. 4" blue about $800 and the 6" blue $800-1000. But these are all guesses as you have not stated what conditions or location the guns are in, so price can swing wildly. You need to be more specific if you want better answers, otherwise these are just generalizations.
IMHO, a box is only cardboard if it's not serialed to the gun. You'd be more likely to win the lottery than locating the original box after the fact.

I'll keep my eye out at this weekends Tulsa gun show.
What are the values of the 2.5" DB's in 38 special? I found one that is rated at 96+ with a DXXXXX serial. Are they common?

FWIW, here's the DB page in the latest BB. Of course it never tells the whole story. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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Are there any resources to determine what the production numbers for each variation of Diamondback? I have a NIB 6" Nickle 22LR and was told only 2,500 were made.
Welcome to the forum. Apparently nobody knows actual numbers although the diamondback guys have a feel for relative "scarcity". Here's a previous post on that addresses that topic and it does come up for discussion now and then. HTH /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif
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No public resource available except what is posted in this forum and what is in the Blue Book as far as production goes. Knowing actual production numbers is a useful bit of information, but truthfully the relative scale on production is probably sufficient for establishing a reasonable value. Based on what I know, the market is doing a pretty fair job of pricing from a rarity perspective for Diamondbacks. Market prices have moved beyond my comfort zone. You have to admit though, the higher prices have flushed out a lot of Diamondbacks that have been sitting in collections.
The top three of hardest to find are:

6" Nickel .22LR (BB states 2200, some research leans toward 1200 units)
2 1/2" Nickel .22LR (research leans toward 12 units)
6" Nickel .38SPL ( don't know, never saw one /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif )

Disclaimer: All of the above is purely speculation.
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