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Colt Double Action

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Walked into my LGS this afternoon and the owner told me he just got in a Colt Government Model DAO. I've seen photos of these before but this is the first time I actually had one in hand. He's asking 1K for it and I'm tempted since it's just a cool pistol. Anyone here have one of these yet and if so what do you think of it?
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I kind of liked the "Double Eagle" and had a LWT Officers. I would have kept it but it had a full size grip. It doesn't matter now because I probably would have had so sell it anyway.

I'd be curious to know how much these new DAO Colt pistols are like the Double Eagle.
The one I looked at was similar to a Double Eagle in that it had repeat strike capability but alas no single action. The pistol has a very nice feel to it and the double action though heavier than expected was smooth. I'd love to shoot one.
Well it looks like Rob bought one so we can get some hands on input.
I hope Rob got the one on GB a few weeks ago - pretty sure it was $600 , definitely under 7. Listing said it was shot like under 50 rounds I've been looking for a few years and they just started turning up . The New Agent DA also is very hard to find , after being advertised fora few years now. I've seen one on GB . I'd rather have that though, because there's real ivory grips for it on gunbroker also. Just purchased a Colt upper though , so Santa ( yours truly) didn't forget about me.
I took the plunge this afternoon and bought the Government Model Double Action. With no grip safety and the laminate panels this is the most comfortable 1911 I've ever held. It just feels great in hand and the weight with the aluminum frame is just right. If these sell well I'll bet Colt will follow with other versions like a Commander size or one with a steel frame. I know some will frown upon another DA Colt 1911 after the Double Eagle but I think they got this one right. Hopefully it will shoot as good as it looks.


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If mine shoots as good as yours I'll be very happy with it. We'll see if I have your experience with the grips. Just holding it they feel great but I realize under recoil it could be a different story.
I shot mine once more and had the same experience with the grips so I am going to buy another set from Colt and bevel the control side one out for my thumb. I think a little bevel with some checkering should stop my hand from walking. I look forward to your range report, if you were closer to Stl we could meet up and run them through their paces.
chaorob, I read your range report and I hope I don't experience the same grip discomfort when I do get to shoot it. I've been playing with mine all day and dry firing it with snap caps and really like the trigger. I was in Stl for the NRA convention a couple years ago.
Everyone is different so you may not. I am sure a bunch of people had their hands on these things, and input in the grip design prior to release. I can only imagine the majority of people did not have an issue with it, which is why it was chosen. I am a strange bird, in many ways lol
Keep us updated, I hope you don't have any trouble buying a set of grips from Colt. Other than the grip issue how do you like your Colt DAO?
I finally got to look at one this last week. It looked like a DAO (Double Action Only) hammer fired pistol. The fit and finish were very nice, and the couple of trigger pulls they let me take on a new pistol were nice. It was right at $1K. I just didn't want one that bad.

Time to look at an example of the old Double Eagle. This is an Officers model in .45 ACP. They made them in many, many variations.

It was a DA/SA with a hammer drop safety. You could cock the hammer or pull the DA trigger the first shot. After that the hammer was back and you had SA pull. The hammer drop safety would drop the hammer on a live round without a bang.
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I would really like to see a Commander version in double action.
Perusing Colts' 2014 catalogue I see the Double Action Government Model is still in their 01991 lineup. Someone stated on another forum that Colt wasn't going to produce anymore.
Perusing Colts' 2014 catalogue I see the Double Action Government Model is still in their 01991 lineup. Someone stated on another forum that Colt wasn't going to produce anymore.
It was I who stated that the double action pistols are not in the 2014 catalog.

I have a 2014 catalog I picked up at the 2014 SHOT Show at hand as I type. (The cover shows an engraved Single Action Army with an image of Samuel Colt rendered in gold on the cylinder, and the gun also has a gold hammer, trigger and screws. The catalog has no form number, but shows a copyright date of 2014.)

I am looking at Pages 5 and 6, which show all of the 1991 series pistols. Listed on Page 5 are the O1991, O1091 and O2991. Listed on Page 6 are the O4091U, O4691 and O2071ELC2. The feature chart at the back of the catalog does not show the O1991DA. There is NO O1991DA listed anywhere in my copy of the 2014 catalog. I also have at hand the "Domestic Dealer Price List 2014," effective January 1 2014. There is no O1991DA listed in the price list anywhere.

What version of the 2014 catalog do you have that shows the double action pistols still available?

I think it is relevant to also note that my copy of the 2014 catalog does not picture the New Agent Double Action (O7810DA) either. My research shows that the O1991DA and O7810DA were cataloged only in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 catalogs, and the corresponding prices lists. (I wonder how many of each actually were made?)

Can you post an image of the 2014 catalog cover and page showing the O1991DA? If so, please do. I hope my catalog is in error and that the double action pistols are NOT discontinued. I await the explanation of the conflict between my 2014 Colt catalog and the 2014 Colt catalog possessed by mag318.
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It was on Colts Facebook page where they stated the new 2014 catalogue was available online. I clicked on the link and under 01991 and the DAO was pictured. I have not seen the printed catalogue.
It was on Colts Facebook page where they stated the new 2014 catalogue was available online. I clicked on the link and under 01991 and the DAO was pictured. I have not seen the printed catalogue.
Egad! They ARE there! Colt did not change the content of its online catalog! It is the 2013 content labeled as 2014! Bad form Colt! Bad form! Double egad!

I believe that the omission of the Double Action Model pistols from the print catalog and from the Colt display at the 2014 SHOT Show indicates that they are indeed gone from the Colt line. Probably forever. I hope not, but I think so.

Another puzzling marketing decision from Colt. Why spend the development budget and for tooling just to drop the design after three years and never really getting them out. I have never seen one outside the SHOT Show. While I do not read gun magazines much anymore, one would think that a new Colt design based on the iconic Government Model would have gotten some notice in the gun press. (Anybody remember seeing a write-up anywhere?)

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From what I have seen on the auction sites these things are hard to move. They are definitely not a purists dream and they are a hard sell to someone who would buy a glock or sig. I just do not know that there is a strong enough market for them to make them worth keeping around for a comapny like Colt, not when they cannot make enough of their other lines
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