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Colt Dragoon 3rd Mdl. SN# 1187 80 Cylinder

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Did Colt produce a dragoon without engraving on the rolled cylinder. We have one that is completely correct; with this one exception. All parts have matching SN#'s and everything looks proper for 3rd Generation. This gun has been in the same family for over 85+ years. Any help is appreciated.
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Assuming you mean 3rd model rather than 3rd generation, the serial number you provide does not make any sense. It should be 5 digits long. As far as I know, all cylinders were roll marked. Photos would help.
When discussing Colt percussion revolvers, almost anything is possible; however, a blank cylinder scene is not one of them.
The cylinder scenes on Colt percussion revolvers was part of their trademark. The only Colts of this period without cylinder scenes were those with fluted or half fluted cylinders.
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