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I don't know where "else" to sing the praises of Colt and their fantastic Customer Service Department so thought I'd just brag about it here.

I sent my recently acquired Colt DS (1982/nickle) which I purchased advertised as "like new, possibly unfired". The revolver came as advertised. I cleaned it up and fired it and it was shooting WAAyyy left of poa at a very short distance. I took out 4 other revolver snubbys and shot them head to head and the Colt DS was obviously not shooting properly. (2 of the 4 were older Cobras).

I called Colt Customer Service and they said send it back for evaluation and I would be advised of what needed doing, and what the price would be.

A week later I got a very nice letter saying the DS had arrived safely, been evaluated and would be repaired, FREE...

Two weeks later my DS was back, fixed, no charge, including return shipping. Not only was the accuracy problem corrected, but the DA trigger action was lightened. No CHARGE.

Thanks to the fine folks at Colt I now can appreciate and enjoy my accurate little Detective Special.

You might have read this elsewhere, but I'm as guilty about telling everybody when I get LESS than excellent service, so I feel obligated to spread the news when I get fantastic service.

My Detective Special was 23yrs old and I was not the original owner. I think Colt went above and beyond to provide the absolute best in customer service, and I appreciate it very much.


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