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Colt Factory Letter- Need Info Please

Can a forum member kindly tell me an address for the Colt factory.I would like to request a factory letter for one of my handguns .Do you know if the request can be made online or by telephone? Do you know what the current fee is for this service? Any idea how long to receive the letter?
Many thanks--
Rick rfo1

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Re: Colt Factory Letter- Need Info Please

The cost depends on what type of gun you want the letter for. I requested letters on two 1st generation SA revolvers, paid extra for a phone in and got the letters within a week. You can give the Colt historian the info. on the phone, at least I could with the SAA's. The price for the phone service for the SAA was $150.00 and for the Bisley it was $200.00. Rick, you can get a price list from Colt on line, as Manderson stated.
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