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I know a few guys that know a few guys.....well you get the picture. Colt's are made just upstate from me in Hartford, CT. With Colt filing for bankruptcy again the hub-bub is that the Python will soon be a thing of the past, if it already isn't. One of the fellas called me to let me know since I told him a couple of years ago I wanted to replace my Python. He told me not to wait too long. Chances are their already high price will be going through the roof.

The above was copied from another site. What's he talking about?


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This story AGAIN!!!!!

The "news" that Colt is going out of business, is I'm sure, BIG Colt.

This is another in a LOOOONG series of internet/gun shop rumors about Colt.

Among these stories:
Colt pistols are now made of cheap cast steel in China, (or maybe on Mars).

Colt is being sold to (name a company or country).

Colt is BUYING (name a company).

Colt's single action pistols are made in Italy.

Colt is bringing back (name a gun).

Colt is discontinuing (name a gun).

The Python is actually being made by another company, and Colt just stamps their name on it. (name a company, usually S&W).

The Colt 1911's are being made by another company (name one).

The Colt ownership and management are Moonies and alien pod people who have taken over the company preparatory to seizing the world and making us sex slaves.
(OK, so I made this one up).
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