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Definitely ecstatic I was able to pick this up. The Kimber only cost me 700 and I just turned a Kimber into a Colt! Thats a good trick to master.
I wont knock the Kimber either, its accurate as hell and this ones never jammed on me. (Guess you have to shoot it to make it jam)
Im more of a collector these keeps me plenty occupied but when I do have that free weekend to go camp and shoot? Its going to be nice to shoot nothing but Colts.
My buddy owns a local pawn shop and he shows me the pistols he cant sell me. Makes me Sick! Yet I wouldn't be so quick to say Living in Texas is Blessed :)

"Whats the use of having all the guns you want, when a torneyder is gonna pick em all up and scatter them all over the County at some point" ?
Well you stay right where you are , there will be less competition for Colts around here, and by the way there haven't been any tornadoes in this part of the state for many years. in case you don't know it is a very big state.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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