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Colt Govt .380 Auto - Range Report

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Found my .380 Today!! Its been a long road with many obstacles (45 Colts) but I finally picked up
a .380 Im happy with and seems to be Reliable based on what ive read..

Its a 1989 Colt Govt /Series 80 in .380Cal
Picked it up on a TRADE, I gave up a Kimber Custom Target II 45ACP with some Custom parts.

The Kimber was nice but I already have 4 1911's which 3 are Colts . Never liked the Nitron finish on the Kimbers either.
This is what I traded minus the grips & holster (those Im keeping): I believe it was a good trade because both parties were happy
with their new pistols. And these 380 Govt.'s aren't as common as the Mustangs, first one Ive seen in person.

What do you guys think? Any .380 fans out there ? and would you have made the trade ??
The lighting in the shop was bad so it looks like the blueing is wasted but it looks better than it photographs . Just dirty as heck..


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and TRADED for this ...

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i bought one used "unfired" LNIB at Gander Mountain a week after xmas 2012 for $600!!! I could not believe I saw it let alone got for $600 (plus tax). I have shot it and it is softer shooting more so than my ex-Browning BDA .380 and Browning 1910. The only thing I don't like is the front site is hard to see. Has anyone painted site or have any suggestions on what to do? Sorry, I may post that separately but you got a nice gun. If you did not need that 1911 and got what you wanted then I say its a good deal. I'm not Kimber fan other than looks.
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SFOGUN, that's pretty good shooting at that distance. I actually shoot my IA PPK slightly better than my gov mkiv .380 even though the Colt is softer recoil. I think cuz its so light I'm pulling my shots. But that accuracy makes the .380 a good SD firearm.
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