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I am new to the forum and an active collector of Colt Firearms.
I was wondering if anyone knows how many of the Colt Kodiaks were made? There seems to be alot of discrepency about the total produced. Also I have the chance to purchase one for $1100.00 it was fired very little I would say a 99% gun. What are the values of these revolvers since you do not see them to often.

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The Blue Book says approx 2000 made in 1993 by the custom shop. BB 100% value is $900, but on limited guns (and others) likely doesn't reflect the real market. There were a couple of earlier posts about Kodiaks and Grizzleys and there have been a couple for sale online in the last several months. Perhaps GB. I'll take a look. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Looks like the GB ones were too far back. Here's a couple.
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