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The Colt Letter was recently received on my 1925 COLT POLICE POSITIVE .32 so adding a few photos.
The PP was issued to a Wheeling West Virginia hardware store Jan 1925.
I Googled OTT-HEISKELL HARDWARE CO. and a closed eBay auction came up for a sold OTT-HEISKELL HARDWARE CO store fixture so I included a photo of a brass plaque attached to the woodwork.

Also Goggle maps the address and came up with the original OTT-HEISKELL HARDWARE CO building still standing in Wheeling W.V. and you can make out the name painted on the bricks.
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Your photo's would be a nice addition to the Police Positive photo section at the top under photo's. Since you already have one post started on this gun then that would be the best place to add the photo's. Thanks for posting and you have a very nice gun. Glad you got a Colt letter on it.
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