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i recently acquired a Colt Lightning Large Frame Rifle in 40-60-260. Overall the gun is in beautiful condition, it appears to be a carbine or short rifle and has a serial number less than 20. are there any good websites that show the different versions of the large frames and their options. I showed the Colt to a local gun dealer and he immediately offered $2500 for it. when i told him that i wanted to research it , if offered me another $1000. Also there is a small S stamped on the lower tang near the serial number that he seemed to be pretty interested in. supposedly, the gun was originally owned by a salesman or employee for Colt.
any help is appreciated

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imo any large frame lightning in the condition you describe is a 5K gun, this is not factoring in the less than 100 serial. by all means letter the gun. i would refer you to the book of colt firearms for any other info as i dont know of any web sites. photo`s?? almost forgot welcome to the forum /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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I found some interesting information regarding the Colt Lightning rifles that I thought some folks might find interesting. In “The Gun Report” January 1999 pages 50-53 there was an article titled “Colt Lightning Rifles-Factory Inventories” by Bob Murphy. The Colt factory inventories of Lightning rifles and parts for the years 1901, 1902, 1903,1905 & 1906-07. Because the large frame was discontinued in 1894, there aren’t very many complete rifles listed in the inventory, but a large variety of barrels remained at the factory. The author states that there were over 140 barrel variations shown on the 1901 inventory.

Large Frames:

32" Octagon Rifle
32" Round Rifle
32" Round Saber Bayonet Rifle
30" Octagon Rifle
30" Round Rifle
30" Half Octagon Rifle
28" Octagon Rifle
28" Round Rifle
28" Half Octagon Rifle
26" Octagon Rifle
20" Round Rifle
23" Round Sabre Bayonet Carbine
22" Round Carbine
22" Special Carbine
22" Baby Carbine
21" Baby Carbine

Medium Frames:
barrels listed were similar to Large Frames with additional sizes listed as:
27" Round Sabre Bayonet Rifle
21" Round Saber Bayonet Carbine
20" Round Carbine
18" Round Baby Carbine
16" Round Baby Carbine

Small Frames:
shows barrels made in 26", 24" and 22"
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