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Colt Forum Gang,

I'm new to this forum, having recently acquired a couple of Colt Woodsman's over the past year. Actually, a Huntsman & a Woodsman 2nd series Match Target. I found the decent Huntsman (3rd Series - 1969) at a recent gun show & decided I wanted it as a kicking around fixed sight plinker. The price was not a steal, but OK. One I wouldn't have to worry about a slight nick or scratch here & there. I realize this is a less expensive example of the Woodsman series w/o a slide stop. But she is a very nice specimen. No box but very nice furniture & a factory Colt magazine included.

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I trusted the seller who said he had owned it for quite some time and it was a good shooter. He seemed sincere & the bore was bright . . . I know. Well he was right, its a great little woods pistol & no problem hitting a 6" gong @ 75 yds. Haven't benched it yet. Frankly even tho its a "lesser" Woodsman series, she's almost too pretty to bang around. Anyway - he mentioned he had two other new magazines if I was interested. $35 each. Said they weren't "Colt" but some of the best aftermarket he'd seen. He dug 'em out. I got both for $55. Not that $5 bucks makes a big diff, but ya gotta horse trade right? Well we are all familiar with the standard late production Colt .22 mags in this pic. (one of these is a stainless I recently found. Question: Are these stainless Colt .22 magazines common?)

It's these next two I picked up that are interesting pic's. Have any of you seen one's similar? Lighting is funny, and notoriously bad at gun shows. Home after dismantling the 2 magazines for cleaning and Ezzox I noticed the floor plates seemed to have faint markings where the "Colt" should be. Sure enough, they appear to be Colt. The stamping appears to be faint for some reason. Looks like a little nub in the stamping kept the roll stamp from making a good impression. But under the right angled light it does say Colt, as you can see in the last pic.


Now I realize this is no great find gang, they are just late production Colt magazines with a bad stamp. But lots better than any aftermarket I've seen. Just wondered if anyone has ever run across anything similar. - hutch
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