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Colt mk iv series 80 government model - 380 auto

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I purchased this gun in the early '80s, carried it often, and have run a couple hundred rounds through it.

My grandson was using it and had an unexplained issue prompting my concern.

I sent it to Colt with the reply, "Repair for function, Adjust to factory spec, Test for function, Note: Goodwill Repair"!

I got it back today no charge and really appreciate Colts fine backing of it's products.

I foresee more Colt purchases in my future!


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it's always good to see a new guy post something good regarding colt's customer service. :cool:

too often we get some guy that just signs up here so he can complain and bash colt.
My 17 year old grandson was firing the pistol, when midway through a magazine, the slide came off extracting the recoil spring, guide rod and slide stop.

Although he had fired the weapon on several occasions, I would not describe him as thouroughly famililiar with it. He offered the explaination he thought he accidentally depressed the slide stop pin enough to disengage it while cycling the slide to chamber a round. I think he cycled the slide by placing the palm of his left hand on top of the slide with thumb pointed toward the hammer. I've seen some use this method and don't like it. For one thing it conceals what your right hand is doing, in this case maybe depressing the slide stop. I favor grasping the back of the slide with thumb and forefinger, pulling back and sharply releasing. For some that have difficulty due to hand strength, the hammer can be cocked in advance decreasing the resistance.

The only other speculations I can make about incident was the recoil spring was 30 years old. We were trying out some 88gr. Remmington JHP R380A1 ammo for the first time that day. But I think the first explaination was the most likely.

I have to mention again Colt's shinning service provided. Even though it took a little while it was more than worth waiting for and was returned well before promised.

And, although I don't know all the detail of what they did, THE GUN LOOKS BRAND NEW NOW! Thanks Colt!
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