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Those of you who were around a year or so back might remember the Colt India 5.56mm and 7.62x39mm upper receivers that were made available to us by Arms Unlimited.

5.56mm box

5.56mm upper

I have been gradually piecing together the story of Colts involvement in the India MCAR program and putting together an article. It has been an interesting project. There isn't a lot of information available but I was fortunate in that two people that had knowledge of the program had reached out to me and provided some critical details about the weapon configuration and some testing information. There isn't a ton of information but I gave it a good try and I think you will find it of some interest at least.

Here is a link to what I put together if you are interested in reading it.

I will be adding some additional detailed photos to separate pages on the site for each upper receiver and other program components.

Please feel free to let me know if you have recommendations for changes, improvements or additional MCAR program information.


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Thanks for your effort in researching, MinuteMan . I just purchased a 6940 upper last Halloween.
I also have two complete 6830’s , they don’t have many fans - but I love em just because they’re .30’s
Goosenecked CMore on one and ACOG on other , would love to put it on a flattop.
Plus every one I’ve seen has been 20” which would be tits also.

I been hearing for a while about the 300black, lately it’s been 6.8 , with even some mil talk.

i am MORE than happy with my x39 ‘s . Not 100 percento , but pretty damn close maxxED @26 in the ASC.

Am curious what the Indians got , and/or used. Either way , the proof is in the punch ..........
S&B 123sp feeds like a soup kitchen and would drop even Sasquatch like a bad habit .
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