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colt mustang govt. pocketlite

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Some time ago I was looking for a .380 to add to my collection primarily as a shoot. I purchased a govt. pocket lite with Nickel/Teflon finish. At time of purchase it was ANIB. It is engraved on the left side of the slide, "Lightning .380" It came with original packagaging, including the outer cardboard shell. I could not locate it in the Blue Book, so I called Colt and found out it came out of the custom shop in a production run of 497. Unfortunately as it was orignally a shooter, I fired two clips through it prior to learing this. Any idea on its value. It has not been shot since.
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Thanks for the feedback. I recently picked up another pockeklite that will be my shooter. I took it to the range the first time yesterday. It came in a zip lock bag for a case but shoots great. As for the Lightning .380 I will have to keep her tucked away. I may eventually get a letter of authenticity for it from Colt. Happy Shooting.
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