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I recently acquired a .44 Special Colt New Frontier with 7 1/2" barrel. This an older generation New Frontier. This gun was used, but I believe it was unfired, or if fired, very little at all.

The trigger pull on this gun was atrocious, going about 4,000 lbs. pull. I replaced the mainspring already, which helped some. Trigger pull is now around nine pounds or so.

I don't hold too much opinion of Colt service, so I'm taking it to my gunsmith, Keith Warner, here in Memphis. Also need to correct the fit of the ejector rod housing, as it does not snug up to the barrel near the muzzle end.

I tried reversing the ejector rod housing on the stud, and it snugs down when done this way, so I know it is not the stud that is at fault in being too large in diameter. I believe it may be too close, possibly bent a little, to the frame.

I'll keep ya'll posted on the outcome.

As to sending the gun back to Colt, forget about that. I'd rather take it to an auto garage.

Bob Wright
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