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Colt New Line revolver hammer spring

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Hi, All,

I’m looking for help in determining whether or not the hammer spring from a New Line .22
would fit the larger .41 caliber revolver. I called Colt but they couldn’t really say for sure. I’m
hoping that someone out there knows for sure. Thanks in advance.

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if you mean the mainspring I seriously doubt it.
Numrich Gun Parts lists 2 frame sizes. Small frame for .22 and large frame for .38 & .41. That's all I can add.
I do mean the mainspring. Numrich offers a few items for New Lines, but they don’t seem to have mainsprings. So far I have found no one who does, but I’m still looking.
Thanks for the replies, Guys.

I do mean the mainspring.

Numrich does have some parts for the New Line revolvers, but they don’t seem to have mainsprings. I haven’t found anyone who does yet, but I’m still looking.

Several years ago, I took a 19th century revolver with a broken mainspring in to a local gunsmith. He said "mainsprings are easy," so I let him work on it. After several tries, it was still not right. On-line, I found a smith who worked on really old revolvers, and he was able to kinda, sorta fix it. Anyway, I just want to tell you that mainsprings for 19th century revolvers are not an easy fix.
Good local gunsmiths are getting VERY hard to find. Unfortunately.
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