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Colt New Police DA 32

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My dad has this revolver, he is 84, his grandfather, my great-grandfather, carried this when he was a young man. As you can see from the pictures, we feel it's still in pretty good condition for its age. The checkering on the grips don't show any wear, there is still some blueing on the body along with a few small rust spots. The cylinder seems to lock down tight when the hammer is cocked. The knob on the ejector rod is either missing or has been broken off. We would like to know if anybody could share any history of this Colt model. Also can the ejector rod knob be replaced or should it be replaced. Any ideas of the value of this revolver. The S/N is 32xxx. Thanks for any info on this baby
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The serial number suggests 1906/7 and the barrel marking means it will take 32 short or long Colt ammo rather than 32 S&W or Colt NP 32. That age and caliber suggest it does not have the positive safety lock unless it is marked "Police Positive" on the the right hand side of the barrel (I have one with that safety marked "New Police" on the lock plate and "Police Positive" on the 6" barrel in 32 Colt)
If it doesn't have the positive safety it's probably best to leave the chamber empty under the hammer like a Single Action Army.
We really don't plan on firing it. It does not say "Police Positive" anywhere on the gun. Don't even know if ammunition is still available. Barrel
is 4".
YLeeCoyte, Welcome to the forum! Ammunition is still available but it's not cheap. I have only seen 32 Short Colt ammo in my area and its at $38.00 a box of 50 rounds. Overall it seems like your gun is in good condition. The ejector does have a replacement knob. You can probably find one off a parts gun and put on yours to bring it back to original condition.To me, it doesn't look like the threads were broken or stripped. When those knobs were put on at the factory, they were threaded on by hand, heated up a little bit, and tightened with a wrench. That's what I was told by a few shooters. But i'm not 100% sure. Even the hard rubber grips look to be in great shape without cracks and gouges like many old colts suffer from. Anyway, great piece of family history! Hold on to it and pass it down
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Thanks, that's a very informative picture from the catalog. I found a place up in Vancouver Washington that has parts for old Colt's. I ordered the ejector rod button from him. Hope it fits, sure it will.
The guy you found for parts is actually Antique Firearms & Colt Parts for Old Guns. He has tons of old colt parts for many models. I'm sure he will have the knob for your gun.
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