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Colt New Service 44 Russian

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This beauty is coming up at auction. Whats a fair price from the pic?

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Can't tell if it's been re-finished or not by your photo. If in good condition and it has not been re-finished it should bring four grand plus. The .44 Russian is not see that often and commands a premium however the photo makes it look like it's been re-finished.
Can't inspect the gun until Saturday morning. If perhaps it is refinished, what value does it hold now?
Running out of time guys. Let's just assume it has been refinished. What's the value?Let's assume it hasn't? Would like others expert opinion on both scenario.
I agree with thecoltguy, it looks refinished. I'd go $1000 - $1500.
Yes, I would not go any higher if it's been re-finished.
Better images would be needed.

Image so far, has the look of a re-Finished example to my Eye.

As well as, that with the single image so far, I can not tell if this is a Factory Target or a regular Model someone 'converted' to Target use.

And, of course, that would make a big difference, far as value.

So, need better images, and images which show the Top Strap from above, and the rear of the Grip Strap, and so on.
Looks refinished to me, but if mechanically excellent, I'd pay $1000 in a heartbeat as a shooter. Maybe more if the refinish was a good one and didn't obliterate markings, have wavy flats, etc.
Factory Target models also tended to have the Deluxe Factory Checked Walnut Stocks ( rather then the Black Hard Rubber Service Stocks ) but, of course, someone might have changed the Stocks along the way, too.

I am not confident this is even a Factory Target Model at all actually, and, without being able to see the Top Strap, it is hard for me to say for sure one way or another.

Now and then one does see New Services, to which someone has done some modifications along the way, adding an adjustable Rear Sight and ditto Front Sight, and, these ( unless maybe done by 'KING' or something ) are of course not as appealing or as valuable, as a plain old usual non Target one which has remained Original.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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