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Colt Officer's ACP/Colt Officer's Model photo thread...

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Is it time for some Officer's Model photos? Please post yours. This one is Bright Stainless. I picked it up as a companion piece to my Bright Stainless Gold Cup National Match.

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Black Text Font Street art Art

Update for current ACP's stocks (Buffalo Bone with embedded emblem) and posed with Officer's Model .22.................

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Sorry for replying to an old post but I just picked up a Colt Officers 45ACP in Bright Stainless which is very similar to the one in the photo. My serial number is SF15XXXE which put it in the mid to late 80's from what I can tell. Does the E designate a custom shop gun or does it mean enhanced? Does anyone know the history of these pistols?


Thanks Tony. I have included some pictures of the pistol. I picked this one up at a local store that deals with police trades. The gun has some scratches which will likely polish out and it does not appear to have been shot much.

Update: I called Colt and it is a 1997 and it has an enhanced trigger. I am looking forward to cleaning it up and going to the range this weekend.

Here are some pictures of it.


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