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Colt Officer's ACP/Colt Officer's Model photo thread...

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Is it time for some Officer's Model photos? Please post yours. This one is Bright Stainless. I picked it up as a companion piece to my Bright Stainless Gold Cup National Match.

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Black Text Font Street art Art

Update for current ACP's stocks (Buffalo Bone with embedded emblem) and posed with Officer's Model .22.................

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There are some beautiful guns listed here. I bought my 1991 Officers a few years ago to be my summertime carry gun (using a Government model for winter). I picked it up from a seller on GunBroker and I'll admit, I made an impulse buy and got bit by it. What I didn't see in the pictures was someone did a home made flare job on the ejection port, the sights were custom and horribly sharp and edgie, the internals were swapped with MIM parts, and the magazine was a horribly fitting aftermaket magazine that doesn't drop free. Sooooooo, some parts and a trip to a local gunsmith later, it's getting better. There's still more to do....

A before picture.....
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And currently.....
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It's a working man's gun so I'm not too concerned with making her pretty. It's getting better and this thread is inspirational.
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