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Colt Officer's ACP/Colt Officer's Model photo thread...

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Is it time for some Officer's Model photos? Please post yours. This one is Bright Stainless. I picked it up as a companion piece to my Bright Stainless Gold Cup National Match.

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Black Text Font Street art Art

Update for current ACP's stocks (Buffalo Bone with embedded emblem) and posed with Officer's Model .22.................

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Gorgeous, thanks for posting!
Kind of you to say, Colt-SL. I know alot of fellas like their Colts un-modified...and for the most part so do I. But the two .45's are work guns and have been for an awfully long time. They were made absolutely reliable and accurate and I have trusted my life to them on a number of occasions.
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