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Colt Officers Model 38

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Hello forums!

I would like any knowledge you may have about this pistol I received it after my dads passing and I know little about it, I guess I neglected to find/photo the serial number. Thank you! Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Gun accessory
Gun Revolver Shotgun Trigger Gun barrel
Gun Revolver Gun barrel Trigger Shotgun
Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Gun accessory
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Doody, welcome to Coltforum!

The photos are a bit dark, but yours is a pre-WWII Colt Officer's Model, a very fine revolver, and one that is rapidly escalating in value. It is almost certainly quite accurate, with an excellent trigger pull. It appears to be wearing the correct, original service style checkered stocks with inlaid Colt medallions.

Please accept my condolences on your Dad's passing. That makes your Colt a family heirloom, and I encourage you to keep in in your family, passing it down the generations in your family whenever you are aged out, hopefully not soon.
Sorry incorrect reply box! I woundered if this would be valuable enough to insure, I understand the pictuers are dark and there are any number of variables when it comes to a value, but a ballpark from anyone knowledgeable would be of great help. Thank you for your condolences.
I'm very sorry to hear about your father. That appears to be a second issue Officer's Model (1908-1926) with deep set medallions. It looks like it is in very nice condition. Is that a 7.5" barrel? Here is mine with the 7.5" barrel.
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Serial Number will be found on opening the Cylinder - Serial Number will be stamped on the Frame and the Crane, just a little above the Knuckle. ( Thus allowing a close estimate on what year it was produced. I will guess mid 1920s, but, we shall see.)

Some closer, better lit ( indirect outdoor Light would be ideal ) images would help.

I am seeing what appear to be some hints of possible re-Blue, but, better images would help us to tell.
I wish I could take more pictures, the gun is now a few thousand miles from me as I had to close out his estate and fly back to Hawaii. Thanks for the help though.
I don't think it's a reblue.
You may be right.

it seemed to have a different look than the one pictured on Post # 4.

Kind of seems to have slightly dished Screw Holes, a little too 'rounded' of an edge to the Side Plate to Frame seam...slightly dubbed outside edges of the Frame, and slightly blurred or 'dished' Text Stampings.

Not a brutal' re-Blue...but, not quite the same 'look' as a Factory Finish, either.

Might just be the images...or my Monitor, or both!
The current Blue Book states that the deep set medallions were standard from 1913 to 1923, high luster blue through 1916. If finish is original, 90%--$875, 95%--$1,150, 98%--$1,500. Not everyone agrees with the Blue Book, but it's a place from which to start. It doesn't show a premium for the 7 1/2" barrel, but I would think there might be.

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