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Colt Officers Model 38*

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Hello from Downunder in Tasmania, Australia.
I recently bought a revolver from an old collection which serial number is 525947. It has a 7 1/2 inch barrel and the entire firearm presents as excellent plus. The elder collecter from whom I bought it described it as revolver used on stage for trick shooting as it has an unusual bore. The first approx 5 inches are rifled but the last 2 1/2 inches are smooth bored. I believe the condition suggests it is factory produced but I seek confirmation from others more knowledgable than me.
Can anyone assist please?
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I have not previously heard of this kind of internal Barrel configuration.

You could apply to Colt for a 'Letter', which most likely would say, if this were a special Order Revolver, which had been made that way by Colt.

Far more likely though ( in my imagination ) is that the unusual interior Barrel condition was done by someone not-Colt, to modify an existing Revolver to their purpose.

Have you tried it with Bird Shot Shells to see how it Patterns at various distances?

Post some images of the Revolver!
Photos of the Colt Officers Model 38*

Thank you for that reply. The delay in posting the photo is regretable but I needed to find out how to do so.
Here is the one photo I have that is small enough to upload.
I am not a shooter of my pistols normally, but thank you for the suggestion.
The man from whom I bought it lead me to believe that reference to part smooth boring of these revolvers was mentioned in Wilson's great reference Book of Colt Firearms, a copy of which I do not have. I may have been had.

Cheers from Downunder.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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