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Colt Officer's Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

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Colt Officer\'s Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

Is a Colt Officer's Model Special(NIB)a worthwhile Colt revolver, to collect?

Was this revolver, very popular(In it's heyday?)and, do collector's favor this gun today?

Does the OMS, have anywhere near the quality, built into it, as the Colt Python?

Would $650, be too much to spend, for a NIB, OMS(With the cylinder unturned-and, unfired?)?

What are the major Pro's or Con's, with the OMS?
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Re: Colt Officer\'s Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

I have addressed this issue with Colt38 over on the GunBroker message boards.

rcwambold, if the OMS is one of your favorites, you should know that the original stocks are plastic service stocks (the "medallions" are molded into the plastic and are not a separate piece of metal like found on wood stocks), not wood full-checkered stocks as found on the OMM, Python and optional on the "357."

If this OMS is indeed NIB with a perfect box and the target, tools and literature present, it is close to being worth the asking price, maybe only a hundred or so too high, if any at all. However, such a complete package is scarce and will soon be worth that and more. I would inspect it closely to look for signs of use, since it is extremely rare to find a true unfired speciman. (How could you know if it was fired a few times?)

The name sequence of medium-frame Colt target revolvers is as follows: Officers Model, Officers Model Target, Officers Model Special, and Officers Model Match. The OMM was not the first in the series, but the last of the series.
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